Oreo TV APK Download [Latest Version] 2022


Free Download Oreo TV APK 2022 and watch all kinds of live sports matches like IPL, PSL, Asia CUP 2022, ICC T20 2022 and much more.
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Oreo TV team
12 October, 2022

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Oreo TV APK Review:

In this TV applications world all android users wish to download such an application in the category of TV that could offer all kind of TV channels. In this year 2021 if you wish such an app that could fulfill all the necessary needs than only the treatment is Oreo TV APK. Due to the majestic and powerful TV apps all the users of android phone are pleased. When we walk to the past we had big screens in front of us to watch such content. Now in this era we don’t need to demand for a big TV set due to the remarkable developers of TV apps. 



We get bored when we live alone. But luckily we all have power smart phones in our hands. Why we get bored if we have android phones. But in the phone we need installed apps like Oreo TV APK that provide entertainment content every second, every minute and every hour. We enjoy all kind of stuff by the free app.



Oreo TV


Oreo TV


Oreo TV has been one of the selected applications of all the users in this fast technology globe. Day by day new TV apps are being lunched in the market and want to beat the alternatives. But due to some restrictions these related apps cannot compete with Oreo TV. This TV app has been used by all the users of android phones to watch all kind of content like free TV channels.


Enjoy the great live streaming TV channels by the proper functioning of Oreo TV. This app is supported in all kind of android phones. You don’t need to buy high quality phones to run the application.

Oreo TV APK star results:

The app has stunning feathers. In the main list of below we would like to review some streaming feathers of this application. Stay tuned with us to know all about the free weapon.

Watch news channels:

Every citizen in the world wants to watch new about his or her country. To watch proper news channels we need the facility of dish TV. In the past we had receivers to catch up different new or other channels. Now due to the busy days no one can afford to watch such new channels in the TV sets. Don’t get worry and easy install this stunning weapon and enjoy all kind of country and international vice TV channels.

Watch all kind of Sports channels:

As we know that in the past we had not busy days and we would like to enjoy the sports matches in the stadiums with our families. Now the days are changed now and trend has been different. We cannot afford to visit different stadiums to watch such games. In these days we want to enjoy the live streaming by sitting on our sofa. So you can easily watch all kind of sports channels like HotStar, Ten Sports, ESPN sports, Sky sports, Netflix and related TV channels in one packet of Oreo TV. 

Watch latest kind of movies:

Wherever you live, whatever you do, you can be one the lover of movies. In the categories we would to watch all kind the latest and recently released movies. Yes this app has been only launched for your favor. You can search the movie by its name and you will find the result. In the largest collection category you can stream Bollywood, Lollywood and Hollywood movies.

Stream cartoons:

Our little kits want the content like cartoons. They enjoy Moto Patloo and other kind of content. if you wish to watch the stuff like free cartoons than you need to download Oreo TV APK. 

Enjoy drama serials:

In the older ages women love to stream the drama serials. They love to enjoy the greatest and sad episodes. In this category all the famous and mostly streamed dramas are available. So enjoy the favorite content in the single app.

What kind of content you can watch by Oreo TV APK in the category of Sports?

Watch live cricket matches:

In the cricket category we would like to enjoy the ICC Cricket World Cup matches. Yes this app has the option to telecast the matches. In the leagues we would like to watch all matches of IPL or Indian premier League. You can enjoy all the matches of IPL by the famous TV app Oreo TV.

More than that you can watch the live matches in the form of series, as the matches are being played between countries.

Stream all football matches:

Football game is one the famous games in the sports. More ten millions of crowd enjoys the matches in the stadium and half of the populations watch FIFA matches in the TV sets. If you are one of those who need a proper platform to watch all the football matches whether it’s World Cup or league matches than you need to grab this weapon. This is available for all android versions in 2021.

Get the latest streaming of hockey matches:

Hockey is famous in the continents of Asia and Europe. These matches are telecasted by the world spectacular TV channels. This app has also got the permission to make the channels available in the duration of Hockey World Cup.

Tennis matches are available to watch:

Tennis matches are also famous in the world. You can watch all the tennis competitions by the app. Live tennis matches can be easily watched.

Badminton matches:

You can also watch all the streaming of Badminton matches. The highlights can also be watched after the live matches.

Some more feathers of Oreo TV APK 2022:

The app is totally free:

In this investment world we need huge amounts to register for the applications. But this app is totally free. You can enjoy the free feathers of app without any money. The app is totally free to download and install.

The format is legit and safe to use:

In the market we have related apps that have been attacked by the virus. But by the ratings of the app you can still find this one of the safe tools. You can enjoy this without any risk.

No need to root your device:

The app has been fixed with the rooting device option. You can enjoy the app without rooting your phone. You can root your phone if you wish to do so.

No any extra advertisements:

In the app you will not find any extra ads. These apps are disturbing and make the performance poor. By the hard affords of developers no any extra ads are shown in the app during in the mode of stream.

Light weight:

The app has been one of the light apps in the alternatives. Due to the format of APK this app is few in MBs. The file is very easy to keep in the phone.

Easy to use:

The application is very easy to use. If you are new here than you don’t need to worry you can read the instructions below to know all about.

Mobile friendly:

The app is mobile friendly and majestic. You can enjoy the mobile friendly app in the phone.

Watch all the content in HD mode:

The app has all the high quality content. The option of the high resolution streaming has been added in the application. You can watch all the stuff in HD mode.

Enjoy the videos in your native language:

This is one of the star feathers of this app. You can stream all the content in your own language. 

Oreo TV 2022 Downloading and Installing process Guidelines:


  1. In the most of all you can get the download link below. 
  2. After that you need to save the file in your android phone. By the options you can save the file in the desired folder.
  3. Now before clicking for the installation you need to enable the unknown source from the settings of your phone because this app is from third party option.
  4. Now easily install the file in your phone. It will take few minutes of time to install.
  5. After the process you need to find the installed file in the menu.
  6. It is the time to launch the file. You will find all the necessary categories in the dashboard of the app.
  7. Search the desired content and watch it easily.
  8. You are done thankfully.



Is Oreo TV APK safe to use?

Yes in the above of the post we have already mentioned the feather that this app is legit and fine to use. By the highly ratings we can enjoy the app because it is safe for all kind of users. You don’t need to take any kind of risk while using the file in your android phone.

Is Oreo TV installable in all kind of android phones?

No doubt, this app is available and installable for all kind of android phones. You don’t need any extra high quality phones to use the file.

Is this app from Google Play Store?

No the app has been built by the third party app launchers. This app is therefore in the category of third party and not available in the range of Google Play Store.

Is this application updated?

Due to updating content on daily basis we have all the versions up to date. This weapon is therefore an amazing and latest updated app.

Conclusion of the Publish:

In this corona third wave we all want safe life. To taking as safety measures we need to stay away from each other. When we don’t get in touched with each other than we need to have any extra facilities that could help us to ticking our time on fast rate. For such an activity we need an entertainment app that will do for us. Out of the best entertainment apps we have found Oreo TV APK Live IPL 2022 lone the marvelous out of all. You can easily download the latest version from the download link below. 

Also visit APKBrust for more apps and games. You can also download the app from the official site of Oreotvcom.

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How to install Oreo TV APK Download [Latest Version] 2022 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Oreo TV APK Download [Latest Version] 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.